There's the opportunity to have wonderful walks in the sorroundings of La Casa Trasparente. In front of the house there's a green oasis of more than 2.000 hectars where you can practice equitation, golf, parapente, bycicle rides, trail running and birdwatching.

The area is rich of history - and evocative evidences about a hard-working rural culture -, and dense woods, that are mentioned in myths in which they are depicted as full of elfs called "Salbanelli". The near Lago di Fimon, painted in the past by the frescos of Tiepolo and narrated in several local fairy tales about witches and wizards, is a little stretch of water surrounded by gentle hills. The Lago di Fimon is a target destination for those who love lacustrine fauna and appreciate the quietness of silent and discreet shores.

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  • The Dolomites on the background of the Berici hills
  • The fog at the twilight on the hills
  • 'La Rocca dei Vescovi' in Brendola
  • First signs of fall on the hills
  • The hills submerged in the fog
  • The Fimon lake
  • The snowy hills